Abbie Griffiths

A vibrant/textural sculpture currently on display in Main Outpateints.

Colour is the key to my sculptures – From the beginning the process of combining yarns of wool to other objects struck me as a new way of working, the process lead me from wrapping everyday objects to those which were more interesting and unusual, such as gymnastic hula hoops, foam cups and wooden sticks.

“Though I work with vibrant colours in wool and spray paints, I try and keep the sculptures to simple forms as the colour becomes the main component. I like to work with multiples of the same object which for me makes the intensity of my work more interesting and eye catching. Whilst making my work I always try to create the “wow” factor, something which is a visual pleasure for me as well as my audience.”

Abbie Griffiths is a contemporary abstract sculptor from Coventry. She received a BA Honours Degree from Coventry University School of Art and Design, in November 2013. She has participated in various group exhibitions and art competitions, these include taking part in Free Range exhibition in London which is put on by a variety of different Universities across the country. She also displayed a sculpture at the HDTI building at Coventry University Technology Park. This was a piece selected after entering the competition in 2012.

Her sculptures are mostly spray paints and yarns of wool combined amongst various other objects; her signature work consists of repetition, linear forms bright, bold colours. As she continues to make sculptures and build a portfolio of her interests and aspirations, she would like to accomplish a future in visual decoration, visual merchandiser.

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