Art Cart

Launched in 2015 ‘Artie’ our affectionately named art cart visits wards daily offers free art kits to while away longs days spent in hospital. Kits are free and include painting, drawing, embroidery, games and puzzles. Please help us and support the art cart today.

“I bumped into this cart of goodies on my rounds and I thought this is a fantastic idea, very therapeutic for patients” 

“I would like to say a big thank you as I was given some of your art cross stitch work and I have got cerebral palsy. I never in this world thought I would be able to do cross stitch and thanks to you I am cross stitching every day and I am really enjoying it as they help me very much more than you know” 

“We have used Artie on ward 11 and it has bought a lot of pleasure to our long term and confused patients. I think it has been a big success” 

“Thank you so much – Mum has had some bad news and so we have both been very down, this is so thoughtful and it is lovely to see her smile 

“I love being arty so to come into hospital and have this is lovely”

Healing Arts is now regularly treated to beautiful craft kits made and donated by students at the University of Warwick. ‘Crafts in Hospital’ donate time and funding to create easy paper craft and beading kits, and bookmark kits for patients at UHCW. You can follow the project at:

Crafts in Hospital
Crafts in Hospitals