The Labour Ward and Birthing Pool Room

As part of UHCW Charity’s Baby Care Appeal University Hospital’s Birthing Pool Room has been enhanced with a mural artwork, helping to soften the clinical environment and add a much needed distraction to women during labour. It has been created by Midlands’s artist Lynne Hollingsworth, covering both the pool room and the adjoining treatment room with colourful depictions of nature, birds, butterflies and flowers.

Ward manger Claire Croxall says “it has been transformed, thoughtfully and beautifully. The colours used have created a calm, relaxing environment for the women to really feel at home and ‘with nature’. The Midwifery staff are using this room more now and feel that the work done by Lynne has enhanced not only the women’s perception of the room but also the theirs too, allowing them to be relaxed and allow birth to progress naturally and avoid intervention”